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The Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner with the help of TableDOT

When I think about the perfect Thanksgiving dinner, I imagine spending time with my family, sitting around the table and playing games after, or watching football. But, unfortunately, that was not realistic because my time was spent in the kitchen stressing out about what needed to go in the oven at what time so nothing would be cold or left out.
That was until Last Year when I hired a personal chef through the TableDot website. It was so easy to order. I considered a catering company but I had to wait for someone to call me back and the personal chef cost was much less through TableDot. I was completely done ordering in minutes. Then, all I had to do was to set the perfect table before my family and guests arrived.
The personal chef service was amazing. She did all the shopping which was great because I hate that last minute crowd thing, and this year with Covid, even more so. She showed up, created us some appetizers to start and then was busy all day while I actually got to be with my children. When dinnertime came, the house smelled wonderful. I actually felt guilty for not having to do anything. After, she cleaned the dishes while we all enjoyed dessert. And yes, we got to play games after.

Thank you, TableDot for an awesome Thanksgiving we look forward to using TableDot again this year.

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