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RE: TableDot's Response to Market Changes-Q2

To our guests,

Over the past few weeks we have all been going through times of uncertainty and I sympathize deeply with those who have been affected. We at TableDot are no different, our community of chefs are reaching out now more than ever. I have spent hours talking with chefs, and chefs alike, learning about their struggles and most importantly their perseverance! I thank everyone who has reached out to share their story! I wanted to take a moment to address our decision to move forward with our expansion even with the rocky roads ahead. Their stories during this time has been the fuel we are using to continue revolutionizing the way people think of social dining.

When we launched TableDot in 2018, we set out on a mission to unify the private dining industry. Our goal was to not only make booking private chefs easier, but to give something back to a community that is often overlooked for alternatives such as restaurant dining or cold food delivery. Our belief is that as the world begins to come out of isolation, there will be a reluctance to return to restaurants and bars as was prior and that this will be the perfect time for chefs on TableDot. People will be eager to entertain and to visit friends, yet still hesitant to jump back into the crowded public.

The responsibility of determining whether we could provide safe in-home dining options to our customers did not come without its perils. While the government is planning its phased opening of restaurants, we believe that we could offer a safer restaurant alternative by providing social in-home entertainment options but to a maximum of 10 guests for the remainder of 2020. Being a women-led company, we are the first to say "we understand" and can appreciate those who have lent their expertise on navigating the COVID-19 waters. As we move forward towards our next round of funding, our mission to bring chefs back into the workplace will be our top initiative.

We extend our sincere thanks to TableDot chefs and clients for their ongoing support and loyal dedication during this challenging time.

Sincerely, Katherine Allen Founder & CEO, Table Dot Technologies LLC
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