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Level Up your Date Nights with TableDOT! Five Benefits of Date Night

We all need a breather. Playing Mommy and Daddy is cool and all, but once in a while, we need to let loose. It’s natural and very healthy. A recent report by The Marriage Project listed five benefits of date night. While I’m sure we could all list many more, here are the five benefits they discussed.


1. Date night is an opportunity to communicate. Between busy work schedules, soccer practice, guitar lessons, volunteering at the school, after-school activities, then coming home to homework, more work and bedtime, communication is lost. Having a date night allows time for actual conversation as distractions are reduced to a minimum. It’s time to catch up, time to vent, time to appreciate, and time to reflect.

2. Date nights are valuable for their novelty. Whether you enjoy miniature golf, rock climbing, scuba-diving or dancing, activities can be fun, exciting, and otherwise arousing for couples. It’s time to let loose and have fun, whatever you choose that fun to be. The study also remarks that couples are encouraged to choose activities that represent “a balance of each partner’s interests”.

3. Sparks are important. The report says “date nights may strengthen or rekindle that romantic spark that can be helpful in sustaining the fires of love over the long haul.”

4. Date nights may strengthen the sense of commitment to each other. “Partners who put one another first, who steer clear of other romantic opportunities and who cultivate a strong sense of togetherness are markedly happier than less-committed couples.” It’s important to remember why you chose to be with your partner in the first place, date nights remind you of that.

5. Relieve stress. Date nights allow a couple “to enjoy time with one another apart from the pressing concerns of their ordinary life.” Date nights may also serve as an opportunity “to extend emotional support to one another in times of trial.” When things are tough, don’t bury feelings and emotions under a rug, take the opportunity to talk about them when they’re relevant. Address the issues and move forward, together.


Wilcox and Dew also recommend focusing on fun and engaging activities, and “steer clear of marital challenges or other stressful topics” such as family finances, etc. Date night is all about being positive and wanting to move forward as a team.


So why not change things up a bit. Instead of going out for sushi or lasagna, how about having someone come to your house and cook for you. Watch a movie in the comfort of your own home and have a delicious meal of your choice delivered directly to your family room. The choice of meal is entirely up to you. provides a plethora of main courses and side dishes to choose from. Dessert is also an option, and highly recommended for date night!


The process is simple, select the meal, sides, and/or dessert, then send the kids to visit friends or family and enjoy your date night in. Invite your spouse for a date in pajamas, or dress up, it really doesn’t matter. Candlelight, moonlight, or the light of the flat screen, it’s all irrelevant. Just a quiet evening home as girlfriend and boyfriend. Go ahead, you know you want to try it.