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How Chefs are Turning to TableDOT for extra income during Pandemic

No blue collar industry has been hit harder by the Coronavirus pandemic than those in hospitality. Bars and nightclubs are shutdown while restaurants are operating at 50 percent capacity. The cutbacks in the restaurant world translate to loss of revenue, and in the end loss of jobs.

According to an article by Creative Loafing, local chef Ferrell Alvarez is laying off 41 employees from his Proper House Group restaurants which include the Rooster & the Till, Nebraska Mini-Mart and two locations of Alvarez’s Gallito taqueria. Alvarez told them, it’s his plan to bring the employees back one by one.

“Our focus is to sustain our company so the employees we had to let go have something to come back to eventually rather than sustain them for two months and cannibalize ourselves all in all,” he said.”

With chefs needing more help now than ever, TableDot is stepping in by giving them the opportunity to join the platform, get back to cooking, and keep money coming in.

"We know many of you are currently facing either reduced hours or no hours at all at your place of employment, and we hope to help you keep earning,” said TableDot CEO Katherine Allen.“ We are reaching out to assist chefs in the Tampa and surrounding areas to personally assist in completing and setting up your profile with TableDot, where chefs can earn extra cash doing what they love, COOKING!”

Once chefs are set up on the platform, the community can help show their support by booking online. The platform allows chefs to get in-home bookings at a time when customers are doing everything they can to stay out of the public, limit activities to nine or less, and practice social distancing.

TableDot is currently waiving all fees during this economic impact. By using promo code TABLE10 not only are you fighting the pandemic, but also helping support local businesses, and chefs out of work and looking for additional income.

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