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Critical Steps to Take Before Opening a Restaurant or Investing In a Food Truck.

We recently saw a FedEx commercial called "Opportunity." The video essentially starts with a couple saying "1 millionth order" while standing in a spotless kitchen surrounded by industrial baking equipment and colorful cookies organized and ready for boxing. The commercial goes back to various parts of their entrepreneurship journey, of which one of those shows them, much earlier in life, sharing a simple morning at the dining room table over coffee saying..."you know we could sell these."

The script goes something like this:
[couple in kitchen surrounded by industrial cooking equipment]. Wife makes the statement...
"1 millionth order"
[same couple, slightly younger, small shop].
"there goes our 1st big order"
[same couple, again slightly younger, in their home kitchen]
"47, many of these did they order"
[same couple, again slightly younger, sitting at their kitchen table]
"you know we could sell these"

Well time is money! You don't have years to see if your new restaurant or food truck concept is going to work and be something people crave.
In 2017 Forbes magazine published an article that only 17% of restaurants close in the first year, not 90% which is what many believe.
This is great news for those considering opening up their own restaurant or food truck!

BUT consider why most of those restaurants that do fail, fail:
- Low start-up capital
- Poor knowledge about competition
- Wrong Location
- Poor restaurant promotion
- Inconstant offer
- The bad partnerships relations
- Poor inventory and staff management
- The lack of original ideas

We’d love the opportunity to introduce you to Table Dot, In-Home Social Dining Made Simple.

Table Dot is a technology that easily allows people to shop for and book your foodtastic offerings right in their own home.

Table Dot can provide you with significant insight to avoiding several of the top reasons why restaurants to fail.

With Table Dot you can, test that dish or menu item before opening a restaurant or investing in the food truck.

Plus...we take care of the booking engine, marketing, insurance, and sales support so you don’t have to.

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