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Adding More to Your “Girls Night In”

Girls night out can be an exhausting process. From picking out the outfit and selecting the right shoes to try every combination on so many times they all blend together. Then the process of showering, styling hair (which always looks terrible when you’re about to go out), putting on makeup and hoping all of them fit together in a reasonable amount of time and effort.


Time to change it up! Pick a friend to host the event and have everyone agree on a dish from, then wear whatever you like, bring your own beverages, and enjoy an amazing meal while being pampered by your own personal cook.


Let’s talk about the benefits of having a girls night in, shall we?


1. Save money on Uber or driving service. We all know it’s safer to Uber than it is to have a few drinks and drive, but the cost adds up. Especially as you’re also going to spend money at your destination.


2. Food is expensive. High quality food typically has a high quality price tag associated with it.  You must then tip the waiter or waitress on top of that, it all adds up.


3. Drinks. Whether you order a Manhattan or a Venti Latte, according to, bars and restaurants typically charge four to five times their cost. For example, if their cost is $2 for a vodka/tonic, they will charge $8-10 for that same drink. Therefore, you could serve 4-5 vodka/tonics at your house for the price of one at a bar or restaurant.


4. Conversation. Girls night is about conversation. Time to catch up, gossip and show pictures to your friends. Why not do it in an atmosphere where you don’t have to yell at each other, walk on sticky floors, or wait in line to use a restroom.


5. Unwanted visitors. Ever have an unwanted guest crash your circle of friends? You won’t have to worry about that happening in the comfort of your home. The friends you invite are the only ones you will surround yourself with.


When you think about it, it simply makes sense. Pamper yourselves and enjoy a fun night in where no one has to cook, but everyone has the opportunity to enjoy quality food with the best of friends.