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A Unique Baby Shower Gift - A date night at home with a TableDOT Private Chef

Our neighbors had a baby! I wanted to send the perfect gift that they would appreciate. But, this was baby number 2 and they had everything! So, what could I send that would be unique, and affordable, and not just add one more toy to the living room floor. A date night at home with a TableDot Private Chef They did not have to leave their newborn. They got some much-needed couple time. They did not have to risk going to a restaurant in these Covid-19 times, in fact, they didn’t even have to go to the store! Since I created the order, I simply asked what their food preference was and allergies, and their preferred date. From there, I was able to create a menu for the night that I knew they would love and something that was affordable for me. I even sent the chef a little note asking for her to add a little romance. The chef arrived at their home with all the groceries, including rose petals for the table and candles. I included a bottle of wine, too. Our neighbors were so happy. They couldn’t believe I had done such an extravagant gift, when in fact, it cost me the same as any other gift with a fraction of the time on the TableDot website. Consider ordering a TableDot for your next baby shower gift, the gift your friends will never forget.

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